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Your order includes multiple PDF files. Included will be a black and white template for your sculpture and an English language assembly guide which can be printed on either A4 paper or the size that you wish. In addition you will need some basic craft supplies such as scissors and glue. You then follow the advice in the assembly guide to cut out the component parts of the sculpture from the template and stick them together to build your sculpture.
We don’t send you a physical product, instead you will receive a download link immediately after your payment clears.
Due to the nature of our products being digital downloads we are unfortunately not able to accept returns, exchanges or cancellations. However if there is a fault with any of the files you have downloaded or if any of the files are not as described please contact us within 14 days of purchase and we will try to resolve the issue.
No, just ordinary paper cardstock available from high street stationers and craft shops. The templates are fully compatible with both US Letter and International A4 format paper. Card stock is available in various sizes, colours, textures and finishes from stationery and craft shops. Part of your fun in the creation process is to choose your own colour scheme. Card stock is often classed by weight in GSM which stands for grammes per square metre. Unfortunately a few home printers have difficulty with heavier cardstock. If you are unlucky this way, you have the options to either get the template printed at your local copy shop or try using a lighter cardstock that your printer can process.
In the assembly guide for our sculptures we will suggest a particular cardstock weight based on our own experience of building the sculpture shown in our photographs. This is just a suggestion, if the suggested cardstock is not available, use whatever paper and cardstock you have to hand and see how you get on. However using heavier cardstock will give you a sturdier finished sculpture, while using lighter cardstock will mean a less durable result.
There two alternative ways to stick your sculpture together. If you want to use glue, we recommend that you use a white glue that turns clear when it has dried. If you prefer, high-tack double-sided adhesive tape can be used instead of glue. We use this method when we are assembling sculptures which use speciality materials such as glitter or metallic-finish cardstock which can be difficult to bond with PVA glue. Unlike glue, tape bonds instantaneously so you may find that you can assemble your sculpture faster and more neatly by using tape but this method is more expensive.
This will vary as some crafters are more experienced than others and some sculptures are more challenging than others.
No. Re-selling or distributing our products or selling items made from our templates is strictly prohibited. By purchasing a Klamoroso item you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions: Klamoroso products are our original creations. They are protected by copyright law and are intended as craft projects for the purchaser’s personal, non-commercial use only. Resale of the products without authorization will result in legal action. If you are unsure about how you may use our products please contact us by email (info@klamoroso.com) and we will try to help.
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